Ani Cordero is a passionate singer, songwriter, drummer, guitarist, and Latin American music researcher living in NYC. In 2014, Ani released an album entitled "Recordar" ("Remember"), which re-imagined songs by influential Latin American songwriters of the turbulent "Nueva Cancion" era, including Victor Jara, Violeta Parra, Chavela Vargas, and Atahualpa Yupanqui. Her critically-acclaimed album received accolades from NPR's All Things Considered, Alt-Latino, and Soundcheck, as well as, Billboard, USA Today, PRI The World, Brooklyn Vegan, BUST, Remezcla, and more.
Following the success of "Recordar," Ani has written a new album of her own political protest and love songs called "Querido Mundo" ("Dear World"). The album is Ani's love letter to a complicated world and addresses several themes including immigration, Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and government corruption. The songs feature heavy percussion, sing-along choruses and strong lyrics that aim to inspire political resistance and support for social justice. 

Even before "Recordar," Ani was a well-regarded player in the World Music scene: She was recently the touring drummer for the legendary Os Mutantes, as well as a founding member of the celebrated Mexican rock band Pistolera. In the early 2000s, Ani led her own bilingual art rock band, Cordero who released such Feminist anthems such as “Vamos Nenas,” and “Matadora,” on Chicago’s beloved Bloodshot Records and Amy Ray’s (Indigo Girls) label, Daemon Records. 
Raised in Atlanta by Puerto Rican parents, Ani spent her childhood traveling between Atlanta and San Juan. Her parents are also musicians who performed and recorded with the traditional folkloric music group "Tuna de La Universidad de Puerto Rico" in their college days.
Based in Brooklyn, NY, Ani records and performs with longtime collaborators, Erich Hubner (Man or Astroman) on guitar and bass, Eileen Willis (Pistolera) on accordion and bass, and Scott Kettner (Nation Beat) on drums.